With the schools now close to breaking up for the summer holidays and the weather (almost) holding up its end of the bargain for a summer season, the talk of holidays is on everyone’s lips.

While many may venture off to the sunnier climes of Europe, others may be tempted to venture even further afield. Although I myself haven’t got round to booking a break for the summer, I can’t help but feel drawn to a well-earned holiday spent here in the UK. There is something so wonderfully evocative about long summer holidays spent in this country. From remote holiday cottages located on the far reaches of the Scottish highlands, where the weather so often didn’t reflect the time of year and waterproof jackets and jumpers were an unfortunate necessity, to exciting excursions down to my Grandad’s house who lives just a stone’s throw from the beach. Perhaps it is this nostalgia which always makes a stay here in the UK so tempting.

Whilst my days and New Years resolutions are often filled with thoughts of wanderlust and faraway destinations, I also feel there is so much exploring to be done here too. Our bustling and historic cities, together with our beautiful and picturesque countrysides can often be overlooked and forgotten when it comes to planning a holiday.

Circumstance can also play its part. As a pet owner I have obligations and I know my dog loves nothing more than exploring the flora and fauna of somewhere new, therefore making a staycation such a tempting choice. Or perhaps it’s down to the fact that whilst I love travelling, I don’t enjoy the travelling part. Ironic, I know. Or, just maybe, it is down to the sheer beauty and adventures that the UK has to offer – because when the sun is shining, there is honestly nowhere else I’d rather be.

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