A good friend of mine, India Martin published an article on her LinkedIn page recently entitled The Real Cost of Being an Entrepreneur. In it she gives an honest account of moving from corporate to entrepreneurial life sharing her vulnerabilities, the sacrifices made and the risks taken. It’s worth a read.

One thing India didn’t mention in her article is her willingness to help other entrepreneurs scale their business. Earlier this year when I told her that I would be in Washington DC to introduce the Semple Collection India’s first response was that she would help identify the women who would appreciate the Semple brand. And she did.  As in corporate life it is possible for entrepreneurs to help each other by working competitively, collaboratively and honestly.

However, sometimes being truthful can be risky. It was my honesty a few months ago during a marketing seminar that resulted in me being invited to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Later this month I will be speaking on one of the stages and I plan to make some bold statements. Not necessarily shocking but most definitely thought-provoking.  If you visit the website you will see that I am in good company and if you are going to be there let me know. 

Another way of being honest is asking, most respectfully, for something. I no longer leave my ask to chance and about six months ago I contacted someone to ask for something quite specific. The outcome is that Semple will be presented at a private gallery in Mayfair in June. It wasn’t what I asked for but the result was better than I envisaged. 

I meet many entrepreneurs who have amazing stories to tell about their transition from corporate life. We would all agree with India: ‘This is not for the faint of heart. Know what you are getting into. Don’t leave a career for a dream unless you are prepared for your dream to be an all-consuming career.’

I wish you a successful month.

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