The First Signs of Autumn

It always seems somewhat premature to talk about autumn fashion when we’re not even in the middle of August. It seems that as soon as the schools break up, we’re all thinking about September and those “back to work” blues just around the corner, which means autumn is well and truly on its way.

While I haven’t bought anything autumnal just yet, and I’m still very much thinking about and enjoying the summer, my thoughts do wander to cosy knits and thick cardigans. Only for a second though, before I remember just how much I love these light evenings and dread leaving work when it’s dark.

Let’s just indulge ourselves for a moment then. It can’t hurt to simply think about autumn and our seasonal wardrobes, surely. What the trends might be, what the stores will have on offer, and what we may be tempted to add into our wardrobes come the new season.

On my lunch break this week I was greeted with new A/W clothing. The ankle boots are perfectly situated by the entrance and the check trousers are hanging proudly behind them. Coats too are making an appearance, with knits and cardigans not far behind.

While there are many trends earmarked for this season, it is winter florals which caught my eye. The timelessness of florals never seems to fade. They are immortal, always working their way back in, season after season. Whether it be for the early signs of spring or the darkest depths of winter. They’re easy though, and universal. Even if you don’t consider yourself a particularly floral person, there always seems to a floral print to suit everyone.

So, I thought I’d share a few of my favourites. Not to buy right now mind you, because the glorious days of summer are still upon us, but just to glance at and remember. To ponder over perhaps, and consider thoughtfully while we have the time to prepare our autumn wardrobes…

Shirred Floral Maxi Dress | Ganni via Matches | £230

Ditsy Floral Midi Dress | M&S | £39.50

Floral Long Sleeve Midi Dress | & Other Stories | £85

Floral Print Cluster Midi Dress | Topshop | £39

Allia Tiered Dress | Zimmermann via FarFetch | £1209

Carnation Long Dress | Olive | £89