What is the future for Instagram? Those small, symmetrical squares have long governed what’s hot and what’s perhaps not. They showcase the lives of the rich, the famous, and the girl next door. A must for those into fashion, interiors or beauty, everyone can have an account to post and double tap the images that catch their eye.


But what started out as an app for sharing snaps taken wholeheartedly in the moment – unedited and free from pretension – has somehow become the app that represents (for many of us) that very word. Of course, it still remains a beautiful source of unending inspiration for a new spring wardrobe, how to wear the latest trend or decorate your living room, but somewhere along the way, it’s become something else entirely too, and as a result, it’s lost a little of its magic, and what once made it so special.


I was reading a fascinating discussion the other day, regarding the recent article by Claudia Winkleman who condemned Instagram for heightening this growing affectation of a culture who shouts ‘look at me and how great my life is!’ Of course, many would argue that it doesn’t have to be like that – it is simply a way to share your best moments and interact with old – and newfound friends – however, for others, it has simply become a money-making scheme filled with bots and the constant train of a follow for a follow. So, is there a happy medium to be found?

If everyone who followed my little account had remained doing so, I’d probably have over a million followers by now, but the truth remains – why would these big accounts with 345k followers, follow me when they are only following a few 350 themselves?


If you’re trying to grow your account organically – and honestly – it can be incredibly frustrating and leave you thinking, is it even worth it?

However, in amongst the glossy, sun-bleached accounts, this world-renowned app is also doing a little good. Yes, it continues to shower young minds with feelings of endless comparison, but it is starting to open up with a new wave of influential people who are saying, ‘my life is not perfect and here are my struggles’. The age-old saying of not comparing your everyday life with someone else’s show reel still rings true, and it’s important not to get caught up in all the highlights.

I think Instagram will continue to reign high. We will continue to see the most beautiful images that inspire us and equally people will continue to exploit it, but then, isn’t that the same with everything? Ultimately, it’s what you take from it, that really counts in the end.

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