The Giving Keys


“It’s our responsibility as humans to take care of each other. It’s our duty as humans to care for people when we are weak and broken.” – Caitlyn Crosby, Founder

The Giving Keys was born from a simple idea; find something that gives you strength and when it has healed you, pass it on to someone else who needs it. Caitlyn found herself playing music in New York, with her hotel room key attached to her necklace, when she made the comparison between keys and those who carry them.

We are all unique but also flawed, and we each have the opportunity to unlock something if only we find the right door. Keys she came to understand, are the perfect symbolic expression of our weaknesses and our strengths. By renewing old keys that no longer fulfil their original purpose, we can adorn ourselves with them and make a much greater statement.


Whilst playing small gigs in intimate venues across the US Caitlyn wanted to spread messages of love, hope and empowerment, so next to her CDs she would sell engraved keys recycled into necklaces. It was then that Caitlyn realised that she wasn’t alone in her admiration for these strange, yet enchanting, forgotten pieces of our every day.

the giving keys

The idea was to find a key engraved with whatever it was you felt you needed; strength, hope, love or courage, wear it and one day when you meet someone who you feel needs the exact same key, give it to them. Paying forward these empowering and thoughtful messages alone would confirm that you have now found and unlocked exactly what you needed.

the giving keys

The romantic notion of Caitlyn’s project alone would ensure its success, however she felt that it could change even more lives on a much greater scale. She worked with agencies that helped find work for people in need, and it was through this process that Caitlyn could employ those on the bottom line, giving them a wage and a purpose.


Today The Giving Keys is a global message of love, with over 300,000 keys being recycled and 54 jobs created to date. So with Christmas just around the corner, why not gift someone a key? You never know how many people you could inspire.