When we start to consider the mantras by which we live, I’m sure there are many that people consider important to live by. From taking money more seriously, to looking after those more vulnerable than you, they will no doubt change as you grow older and gather more life experience too.

Reading an article the other day about the pressures of Instagram and always portraying a perfect life – although it’s becoming more popular to show the not-so-perfect now too – it stressed the importance of being mindful that everything is not always as it seems.

I feel it’s all too easy to wish and want the life of another – to see how perfectly they match their outfits or decorate their beautiful home or jet off on another luxury holiday – that we lose sight of what may be happening behind closed doors. The truth is, we can never know the battles someone else is facing.


‘Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.’

This is why I place so much importance on kindness. Not just within the confines of social media but offline too. Yes, you may get frustrated with someone in the supermarket or angry at the driver in front of you – and I certainly don’t profess to not feel these emotions regularly – but I try and keep in the back of my mind that everyone may be facing a battle I know nothing about. Whether it’s health, family, a relationship or money, or something smaller, nothing is ever what it seems. We have learnt to wear a mask, to put on a smile and only show our highlight reels, because who really wants to see behind the scenes?


A smile, an ear, a shoulder or a simple ‘hello’ or ‘thank you’ will go further than you think. On those days where nothing is going right or you’re worried about something, a smile from a stranger or a unexpected compliment from a work colleague can really make the world of difference. And what’s more, kindness doesn’t cost a thing.

‘Sprinkle kindness around like confetti.’


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