The Mirror’s Image


I recently found out the devastating news that my nan had gone blind, an overwhelming prospect that consumed my thoughts for days. She will never see my niece grow older than she is right now, nor the frost on a crisp winter’s morning or the first blossom in spring ever again. The view on her world has been frozen for all eternity, leaving nothing in its wake but memories of the precious sights from days gone by, sights which we all take for granted, every second of every day. Family, friends, places and pictures are no longer part of her existence as sounds, smells and touch become her normality. She will never see us again, she will also never see herself. But what if we all never saw ourselves?

Inner beauty. A term preached by so many but practiced by so few. We’ve become a nation obsessed by the way the world sees us. We buy makeup, artificially alter the colour of every visible orifice, and scrupulously distort our self image through technology until we are happy with what we project. But what if we took away the mirrors; how would our lives be different? Or what if those mirrors never existed at all…

Just imagine it. Insecurities spawned from outer imperfections are eradicated, and in its place is the embodiment of our internal depths. Reflection becomes a projection of one’s inner beauty; our hopes, dreams and ambitions, our thoughts, feelings and fears. Internal becomes external as superficial appearance becomes just that, superficial. You become the new you.

Nights spent in front of the mirror, obsessing over every last pore, freckle or blemish become a thing of the past. The outer you no longer determining your fate. No more underestimating your ability or importance due to the reflection that stares back at you, the reflection that makes you question your self worth and threatens to crush your dreams.

You imagine your face as a canvas. A canvas that is built upon each day of your existence; enriched and made more beautiful with every kind word spoken or inspiring book that you’ve read. Every obstacle that you overcome or dream that you achieve becomes a brush stroke on the painting that is your reflection.

To be beautiful is to be kind. A world where our bodies are strengthened by our flaws and imperfections because they are no longer what matters. We talk more, listen harder, love stronger and live unashamedly. We embody our inner self and shun our outer insecurities. We wear our hearts on our sleeves as we look forward to our future, never back into a mirror.

Outer ugliness, replaced by inner beauty.