Taking time out is incredibly important. It gives us some much-needed time to wind down, to relax and recharge our batteries.

While many of us may settle down with a good book or a new Netflix series, others may prefer a long walk or soak in the bath. The truth is, that however you wind down, whatever you find helps you to be more mindful or relaxed, it’s so important to do much more of it.

Over the last year or so, I’ve found myself listening to more and more podcasts. Not only do I find them incredibly interesting – I listen to purely true crime ones – but they allow a wonderful sense of escapism, almost like a route into a different world, if only for 40 minutes. Books provide this same sense of escape for me, but I can’t read those whilst I’m driving or walking into work, so podcasts fill that sense of distraction perfectly.

Of course, there are so many podcasts to listen to. Whilst I personally favour the slightly dark and macabre, no doubt this stems from my love of detective novels, there are podcasts talking about relationships, conspiracies, topical issues and so much more.

They provide the perfect backdrop for cleaning, pottering in the garden or walking too. Whilst I still love and listen to music on a daily basis, sometimes it’s nice to hear a voice as you go about those menial every day tasks.

Unlike reading, where you tend to only focus on one book at a time, podcasts allow you to dip in and out of different subjects. There really is a podcast for everything – and it’s nice to hear other people talking about a topic or subject that interests you, without feeling the need to answer or talk back. You could say they’re an introvert’s dream!

If you have a few favourites that you’ve subscribed to and eagerly await a new episode every week, or if you’ve never dipped into the world of podcasts, I urge you to give one a listen. It certainly makes cleaning the house or driving long distances a little more interesting.

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