Trainers: The Revival

During the colder, darker, and generally wetter months of winter, we are often resigned to the fact that a pair of boots offer the most practical option when it comes to footwear. More than this, to help battle against the elements of the wind, rain, subsequent mud and occasional scattering of snow, leather is more forgiving than suede. Or velvet, for that matter.

In recent weeks, even a pair of wellies has been a must down here in the east of England due to the heavy snowfall we’ve been experiencing.

I believe though, that despite forecasts of further colder weather to come, spring is perhaps finally on its merry way. A favourite pair of boots can still remain a firm wardrobe staple during these warmer months too – they’re perfect for pairing with pretty white dresses for a tougher, more edgier look, or equally with cropped jeans. But when it starts hotting up, we tend to look more towards open-toed sandals, mules and when it gets really hot, the faithful flip-flop.

However, in recent years, there’s been a new trend emerging across those small squares of Instagram and style boards on Pinterest. I say ‘new’, but actually, it’s a trend I remember so well as a child. Trainers are back and they’re being teamed with just about anything.

Gone are the days of wearing a pair of trainers purely to the gym or to go for a run, the crisp whites and more colourful options are being worn on stylish streets everywhere. With washed denim dungarees, striped midi skirts, with skinny jeans, mom jeans, and girlfriend jeans, and even with floaty, floral dresses. They’re versatile, comfy and oh so wearable. It’s no wonder then that they’re topping the style stakes and the brands we love and remember with such fondness, are creating an array of quirky, beautiful and unisex designs.

If the tassels, ribbons and pom-poms are not quite your thing though, opt for a more nostalgic and simple design this spring.


Suede Heart Pebble | Puma | £75




Alexa Chung x Superga | Superga | £72



Originals Gazelle | Adidas via ASOS | £75



All Star Low | Converse | £49.99


Nike Outburst | Nike | £69.95