I like creating and participating in teams. From the start of MSL five years ago, many significant individuals have contributed to the ebb and flow of ideas and I sometimes pause to reflect on how alike, and yet how different, those people are. The skills shared and developed, the bonds formed, the ways of thinking expressed. We started with stories, which continue to underpin MSL today and as we develop wings our own tale unfolds, through dresses made for curious minds and the development of our interactive app.


Today I feel a firm affinity with the past as we move towards our future at MSL, housed in 4 Goodwin’s Court, where since the 1690s individual businesses have thrived. The 18th century wooden bowed shopfronts and black gloss doors with polished brass door knockers continue to provide eye-catching window displays at MSL. Each month our graphic designer Dulcie presents us with another in her series of themed, thought-provoking, visual ideas. At night the MSL shopfront is still lit by 19th century gas light and inside as summer changes to autumn, Jess our fashion project manager gently guides clients through the bespoke Semple dress making process.

The place of MSL in the continuum of Goodwin’s Court is clear. The Post Office Directory of 1855 lists number 2 as occupied by a tailor, 4 and 7 as occupied by specialist cloth dealers, and we might have enjoyed the Old Georgian Coffee House with its steep steps at number 1. These inspirations are the basis for the next series of London focused articles created for the Semple magazine by our editor Jenna, while Zoe our latest team member develops new PR and Marketing strategies for the Semple dress collection, magazine and overall brand. The MSL atelier comes alive with our resident seamstresses, Rosita and Guzel who have become enmeshed in the creative spirit that has prevailed since the earliest days of MSL.


The dancer Martha Graham has been a driving force for my own creativity, she said, “There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.” Alongside me, challenging and shaping that creativity is the MSL team.

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