Following on from the fast fashion discussion, the importance of re-wearing our wardrobe and making good investments is now starting to take precedence.

It’s all too easy to buy new items. From a similar blouse to the one we’ve spotted on our favourite style icon or to invest in a piece from H&M’s newest Morris Co collection. The important part is not necessarily to stop shopping altogether though, but to be more mindful of what we add into our baskets.

This is where basics really come into their own. Those timeless, everyday items which will not date, go out of fashion or grow old. These are the items we should be investing in and adding into our wardrobes. A grey cashmere jumper, a camel coat, a tailored suit or heeled court shoe.

These ‘must-have’ items will vary between everyone. You see, what is a basic essential for one, will be an unnecessary purchase for another. If you love knitwear come autumn, then good quality cashmere (or mohair) jumpers will no doubt be an essential. If you work in an office environment, then equally, a smart, tailored suit or timeless black heel will be top of your list. If you’ve worn faux fur coats since your teenage years – and continue to wear them to this day – then perhaps this is an equally good investment at this time of year.

Think about basics much like a capsule wardrobe. Items that you will continue to wear again and again, season after season.

As we grow older, we learn much more about our sartorial ways. We understand what works for us, what we love and wish we could wear, but never do. If you take a look through your wardrobe, it’ll soon become clear what you love, feel confident in and wear often. It is these items, these loved pieces, which are worth the future investment.


The Camel Coat:

timeless trendsOlivia Coat | Hobbs via John Lewis | £279


timeless trendsWool Blend Double Breasted Coat | M&S | £99


timeless trendsWool Belted Coat | Whistles | £285


The Grey Jumper:

timeless trendsMerino Crew | Uniqlo | £24.90


timeless trendsDaisy Wool Jumper | Boden | £98


timeless trendsCashmere Jumper | COS | £125


The Chelsea Boot:


timeless trendsJensen Chelsea Boots | Acne | £410


timeless trendsBrown Chelsea Boots | Crew Clothing | £110


timeless trendsCadogan Brogue Chelsea Boot | Russel & Bromley | £235



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