When we find ourselves shifting and adjusting to a new season our wardrobes are often the first to see the change. We may buy extra rugs for our homes, stock up on fire wood for the wood burner, or switch up our daily skincare routine to help battle the elements, but generally speaking, the biggest change comes in what we wear.

While I can’t profess to speak for everyone, I’m guessing that very few of us will switch up our entire wardrobe in preparation for a new season. We tend to keep one or two pieces and add in a few more weather-appropriate items to see us through. We know what we like, what we wear often and so have a clear understanding of the seasonal wardrobe we would like.

Of course, each season is not always clear cut. Yes, we’ve had a glorious summer with dawn until dusk sunshine and temperatures to match, but more often than not, we must prepare for our typical British summer – unsavoury forecasts and limited sunshine. With winter too, it is not always freezing cold temperatures and endless snowfall. This uncertainty then, can confuse our daily dressing and muddle our wardrobes.

If you’re an avid Instagrammer or a keen watcher of YouTube, you’ll no doubt hear streams of girls talking passionately about transitional dressing. What is perfect for this transitional weather and what transitional pieces they are adding into their wardrobes. It’s not a word we would tend to associate with fashion, but in recent years it’s become rather synonymous – especially with the weeks leading from summer into autumn. Those weeks when the weather can’t quite make up its mind is considered a transitional period. When you might need a cardigan or light jacket but can still get away with sandals or trainers. When you might want to bring an umbrella with you but can still wear your favourite midi dress from the summer months.

It is about watching the weather and layering to your heart’s content – items that you can quite easily take off (or put on!) should the sun appear, or the rain return.


transitional Seafolly Jacket | Seasalt | £120


transitional Knitted Wool-Blend Cardigan | H&M | £24.99


transitional Striped Tailored Jacket | Sandro | £369


transitional Floral Print Midi Dress | & Other Stories | £79


transitional Classic White Trainers | Superga | £50


transitional Corduroy Jacket | Zara | £29.99

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