If you’re thinking about packing up and packing it all in to go travelling, then I urge you to just go! Do not deny yourself the desire to wander and explore. Go, and go with all your heart, but go knowing that the very thing you’re crave so much just might kill your ambition.

Most of us are conditioned throughout our upbringing and schooling to plan for the future. The focus is ultimately goal orientated. We are taught to strive for success the moment we take part in our first ever sports day or sit our first exams, and this continues on until finally that success culminates in how well educated we have become and how much money we now have.

That environment teaches us that without a solid plan life is scary. But if in spite of your conditioning, you hear the call of adventure in your soul and have the courage to answer you’ll find out that plans and focus have nothing to do with success, growth and happiness at all.

Missing out on the beauty this wide world has to offer us to labour for accolades; living our lives to be good at a job, now that is truly scary. Before I set off on my travels, or even before the idea entered my head, I had finish lines mentally drawn. I had set bars which when reached I thought would fulfil me. But once I packed my life into a bag and hit the road I realised I’ll never be finished.

I found that my focus for the material diminished and gave way to much simpler desires. When I came home I struggled to get back the drive that I had before. I questioned if perhaps my new found freedom had made me lazy? I wondered that if my time spent travelling had killed my ambition to achieve something?

And I wasn’t wrong, travel had changed me. But it took me a while to realise that it wasn’t that travelling had made me less goal orientated, but that now I was just driven by something different. The promise of generous pay checks or social prestige amongst my peers and colleagues just simply didn’t do it for me anymore. Swanky bars, high flying networking events, mortgages and five year plans just seemed lacking to me. Today I long for a little place I can call my own by the sea, a passport full of stamps and a family I can take along with me.

Travel is as much a passion for me as ambition ever was. What is different is my shift in priorities. I have no desire to work towards a future that forgets about the journey and instead focuses solely on the destination, because I now recognise that experience is far more valuable than money ever will be, and while in the eyes of some, adventure might hurt my career and slow down my education, monotony I am sure will kill me.

About the author

At 5ft 1 (and a half) Sophie may be small but she is certainly fierce. After finding out she was dyslexic at the age of seven she made it her life’s mission to wage a war against words and carve a career out of a craft she admired so much. Hard work, determination and a lot of journals later, Sophie graduated with a degree in journalism. Her obsession and love for the written word has seen her as Editor at Semple to now blogging her way around the world. She’s irrationally angry, partial to a LARGE glass of chardonnay and has an intolerance for most people.

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