Urban Jungle

As I type this, I am looking at the several house plants we currently have sitting in our lounge and on the window sill in the kitchen. All no doubt in need of a good water, they add a certain vibrancy and decorative homely feel to each room; creating a Urban Jungle vibe that brings the outdoors in.

In recent years, the faithful interior plant has made a much-welcomed return to our homes. Although for many they never really went away, let’s just say they’ve grown tremendously in popularity and now it seems, that everyone is in favour of adding a little greenery.

urban jungle

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Not forgetting the benefits that many house plants hold – amongst others they help to reduce levels of certain pollutants including CO2 and airborne dust levels, together with keeping air temperatures down too – they act as a perfect accessory to decorate a plain background and have been proven to reduce stress levels too.

From the faithful Cacti – perfect for house plant novices as they don’t need a lot of water – to the healing Aloe Plant that is used to soothe skin burns and cuts and helps to keep tabs on the air quality in our homes, I’ve put together a list of the most home-friendly house plants that are easy to maintain whilst adding a perfect Pinterest aesthetic to your cosy abode.

Urban Jungle

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Peace Lily Plant: Perfect for cooler temperatures, the Peace Lily is wonderfully low maintenance and is a perfect example of a house plant that helps to purify the air.

Snake Plant: Again, a perfect choice for plant novices as it’ll grow in any corner of your home and needs minimal light and water to survive.

English Ivy: With a glowing endorsement from NASA as the #1 best air-filtering house plant, the English Ivy is easy to grow and adapts to almost any space.

urban jungle

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Philodendron: Much like the English Ivy plant, the Philodendron is easy to care for and works wonderfully for decoration with its heart-shaped leaves. If looked after effectively, it can last for many years too.

Spider Plant: Last but not least, the Spider Plant is one of the most common plants we have in our homes as they are easy to grow and, alongside the English Ivy, make NASA’s reputable list for the best air-purifying plants.

While house plants may not be for everyone, there is a huge variety available that will surely suit the green-fingered amongst us, and even those who worry about the fate of welcoming something living into their homes. As long as you do your research, you will have a blossoming home in no time.urban jungle

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