Vintage Sartorialism

Much like sourcing vintage and second hand items for the home, I am as much – if not a little more – enamoured with vintage clothing and accessories too.

While the demand for fast fashion has showed no signs of slowing down, the enthusiasm for second hand clothing has certainly seen a rise in interest as our love for different eras continues to fascinate. From the shoulder pads, bold prints and Biba-inspired items of the 80s, to the early days of Laura Ashley in the 1950s and ‘60s, we continue to search, discover and re-wear these snippets of history.

Today of course, second hand clothing is increasingly readily available. Alongside the barrage of charity shops which line our high streets and weekly car boot sales, vintage fairs and thrift markets are popping up all over the country too. Responding to our insatiable desire for unique and original vintage items, second hand clothing has become a trend in itself. While many of us may wish to channel our inner Carrie Bradshaw, and long one day to say – ‘Oh this? It’s vintage Dior’ – the reality is that the price tag of vintage designer items still sits on par with – if not higher – than current season stock.

Vintage Sartorialism

While I tend only to window shop this more extravagant end of vintage shopping, the faithful car boot sale can lend itself nicely to one-off thrifty finds. This summer I snapped up a true vintage sheepskin jacket (by the brand which famously made Del Boy’s, so I heard) for a mere £5.

Now that autumn is here however, and the weekly car boots are coming to an end, I’ve been feeding my thrifty sartorial need online instead. While you don’t get the same buzz as spotting a vintage faux fur coat out of the corner of your eye three stalls down, I must say that I’ve still found some great second hand steals via Depop and eBay.

Vintage Sartorialism

The beauty of vintage clothing and shying away from the high street is not only that you’re helping to distinguish the need for fast fashion and the inevitable un-sustainability that accompanies it, but you’re sourcing high-quality and wonderfully unique items too. Some of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe are those which are vintage – and not surprisingly, it is often these pieces which receive the most compliments too.

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