winter warmers

With the clocks now well and truly back for many, it will now be dark both when your alarm goes off in the morning – meaning you will no doubt be getting ready with the sun only just starting to rise outside the window – and leaving work when it has already set.

Cosy and comfort, it seems silly to say, really do come into their own at this time of year then. We value the softness of our clothes more and the comfort our houses bring when we come home. We no longer need an excuse to jump into our PJs as soon as we step through the door and stay in our dressing gowns as long as possible to take away that early morning chill before the heating warms up the house.

At work, the temperature can be temperamental if you work in an office, so layers are essential. As the working day finishes, it’s time to wrap up once more before walking back to the train station, car or bus stop in the dark in an effort to get home as quickly as possible.

The high-street stores inundate us with warm, cosy knits long before autumn has even arrived, but with the colder weather now here, we are all the more thankful for them. Blanket scarves line till points and faux fur coats become a possible purchase on everyone’s lips. We want to be warm, cosy, comfortable yet stylish. During the bitterly cold months that lay ahead, just how do you balance the two sartorial requirements: comfort and style in equal measure?

As we prepare for the colder season then, we must first establish a wearable wardrobe – almost like a capsule collection for the winter months. One that will make those mornings when we’re standing in our dressing gowns looking at our wardrobes a little bit easier to bear! A warm and neutral coat that we can grab as we leave the house, and plenty of soft knitwear that we can pair with jeans or midi skirts. Think carefully about your colour palette and build a collection that will all work together seamlessly for a comfy and stylish seasonal wardrobe.


Colour palette: Neutral – creams/camel/animal print


winter warmersShort Pile Coat | H&M | £59.99


winter warmersPure Cashmere Jumper | M&S | £75


winter warmersShearling Gilet | Reiss | £750


winter warmersFaux Fur Scarf | Zara | £25.99


winter warmersBelted Cardigan | & Other Stories | £79


winter warmersWool Beret | John Lewis | £15


winter warmersThermals 2 Pack | M&S | £25


winter warmersSlip-on Sneakers | GAP | £29.95

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