Wedding Guest Outfit: When Bespoke is Best

While I’ve already attended one beautiful wedding this year far down in a scenic coastal town of Cornwall, we are without doubt entering into wedding season. With the long nights and warmer days, May, June and July are popular months in which to say I Do.

What with the flowers, the cake, the food and drink, decorations and the guest list; finding the right outfit can become something of a problem for many – especially if it is your son, daughter, niece or nephew getting married.

In the lead up to my brother’s wedding last September, I thought of little else besides hats, jackets and dresses as I tried to help my mum find the perfect outfit for her son’s wedding. Of course, what you wear will not affect the day, but I think it’s only natural that you want to look nice.

We thought we had it all sussed. We thought we’d found the perfect dress. If my mum was a dress, it was this one – light, floral with a subtle boho feel. We bought a complementary hat and discovered the perfect shoes. Just the jacket to find. Until we attended the hen-do of my lovely sister-in-law and saw a relative wearing that very dress. I won’t tell you the look on our faces – more so because the dress looked so beautiful!

So, it was back to the drawing board. With less than two months to go. We had parcels and returns coming out of our ears. Needless to say, it all worked out in the end and on the day, my dear mum looked lovely.

We even laugh about it now, too.

So you see, finding the right dress, not only for the bride, can prove a struggle. I feel this serves to highlight the beauty in bespoke. A unique dress you can be assured no one else will be wearing. A dress that has been designed, fitted and matched to suit only you. One of a kind that you will feel comfortable, good and happy in.

At Semple, designing your perfect dress – even if it is for a very special day – couldn’t be easier. With an array of unique styles, colours and patterns in beautiful hand-picked fabrics to choose from, your experience will be as memorable as the Big Day itself.

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