Britain is basking in beautiful sunshine. This prolonged bout of glorious weather doesn’t often hit our little island. We have the odd day here and there where the temperatures may reach the late 20s or perhaps, if we’re really lucky, the early 30s; but it tends to end almost as quickly as it arrived and is followed by torrential rain and thunderstorms. We’ve been blessed with consistently hot temperatures now though for a few weeks and it looks set to continue into August too.

When the weather rings true of summer we long for the weekends to make the most of it. To travel to the beach, to hold a family BBQ, make use of the paddling pool or while away an afternoon simply reading in the sunshine.
From the weekends wearing as little as you like, to the weekdays working in an office and travelling in on public transport though, it’s a bit of a different story. While the office itself may be air-conditioned, it is the commute and our lunch-time escapades to buy a sandwich or pop to the post office where we really feel the heat.

Many offices these days don’t necessarily have a ‘dress-code’ per se, rather you are greeted with the ‘it’s smart-casual’ line when you join the company. I’ve always found this terminology to be rather vague when it comes to fashion though, and during the warm months of summer deciding what to wear can become a little tricky. The morning quandary of ‘what do I wear?’ is elevated: you want to be cool during the journey to work so you’re not hot and bothered when you arrive and yet you don’t want to be cold when you do because the air conditioning has been turned on to its maximum potential. It can present a sartorial dilemma.

So, what do you wear to the office during a heatwave? For me, it’s all about going light. Think about layers, but only light-weight ones. A silk camisole paired with a linen jacket for example. Wear lighter textures too like linens and cotton as these are far more breathable when the temperatures rise; and of course, lighter colours like pastels and subtle neutrals will keep you cool.


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